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Christina Maral

is a New York City based Artist.  She grew up in New Jersey and credits the rich cultural exposure she received while growing up due to her family's Armenian roots, which inspired her to explore the arts.

As a child, Christina displayed a strong aptitude for painting and drawing, creating her first piece at the age of 1 (according to her mother).  She had the opportunity to attend summer schools focusing on education in the arts, such as, singing, dancing, sculpture, painting, and acting.  She also had the wonderful opportunity to travel frequently with her family, primarily to France, where she was exposed to works by Monet, da Vinci, Degas, Rodin, Chagall, to name a few. 

Christina attended Rutgers university business School, and holds a degree in finance and psychology. After graduation, Christina pursued her passion for the arts, and worked at the prestigious Christie's Auction house.  After her stint in the luxury art market, she went on to work at several prestigious Wall Street firms, and is a finance expert.  She also holds a New York state real estate salesperson license.  In addition to art, Christina is passionate about real estate, financial literacy for children, and finding holistic and natural methods for health and wellness. 

Christina draws her artistic inspiration from her favorites, MonetChagall, and Klimt.  She loves to blend colors to create beautiful and positive abstract images of the seas, oceans, galaxies, and landscapes.

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